What is the Scottish AI Playbook?

The Scottish AI Playbook is an open, practical guide to how we do AI in Scotland. It is a shared and living asset, embodying Scotland’s AI Strategy ethos of openness, transparency and collaboration.

With this in mind the first iteration of the Scottish AI Playbook has been released in a Wiki format, hosting accessible and dynamic content, allowing all users to participate and contribute the existing resources that they find relevant and useful.
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Our Mission

Scotland’s AI Strategy launched on 22 March 2021 with the vision for Scotland to become a world leader in the development and use of trustworthy, ethical and inclusive AI. By achieving this vision, AI will be enabled to contribute to making Scotland fairer, greener, more prosperous and outward looking. The Strategy committed to the development of the Scottish AI Playbook, an open and practical guide to how we do AI in Scotland. The Playbook introduces our vision, our principles and the practices we will adopt to realise our vision. The AI Playbook will become a shared and living asset, which will evolve as society and technologies change and we learn what works best. Through the AI Alliance, everyone will have opportunities to contribute, develop their AI skills and receive the support they need.

Key Users

While researching and scoping the Scottish AI Playbook, extensive stakeholder engagement was undertaken. From this work, we identified key user groups for the Scottish AI Playbook. The user groups we identified were Researchers, Educators, Third Sector, Public Sector, Entrepreneurs/Start Ups and Business Users. This is not an exhaustive list of course but through our engagement work, these groups have been identified as potentially the most prominent users of the Playbook and we will focus on them for the first iteration
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Access information and resources to facilitate your work while contributing your own research.
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Access education resources and information for use in a variety of learning settings while creating awareness and interest in AI.
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Business User

Access resources to demystify AI and develop business cases for your industry.
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Public Sector

Access information and resources to support awareness raising and interest in AI, as well as resources to develop methods of evaluation.
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Third Sector

Access tools and guidance on how to raise awareness and interest in AI, and information on the impact of AI on services and the people who use them.
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Access information and resources on funding, prototyping, trialing and evaluating AI innovations.
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Would you like to be a part of our journey?

The Scottish AI Playbook has been developed in an open, transparent and collaborative process. It’s your Playbook, and we want to encourage you to contribute to it. We also don’t want to reinvent the wheel. If there is a useful resource that already exists, please send it in and we will signpost to it. We want the Playbook to be the one stop shop you go to for information and guidance for people planning to embark on their AI journey.